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JP Morgan Chase & Co.

CNN Money

JPMorgan Chase Hacking Affects 76 Million Households


A cyberattack this summer on JPMorgan Chase compromised the accounts of 76 million households and seven million small businesses, a tally that dwarfs previous estimates by the bank and puts the intrusion among the largest ever.

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Federal Government


U.S.: Hack of 18 million Americans came from China

By Evan Perez and Shimon Prokupecz, CNN
Updated 10:59 PM ET, Tue June 23, 2015

The personal data of an estimated 18 million current, former and prospective federal employees were affected by a cyber breach at the Office of Personnel Management - more than four times the 4.2 million the agency has publicly acknowledged. The number is expected to grow, according to U.S. officials briefed on the investigation.

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Anthem Insurance


Anthem Health Insurance Was Hacked. Hereʼs What Customers Need to Know

Elizabeth Weise, USATODAY

SAN FRANCISCO —Millions of Anthem health insurance customers woke Thursday morning to an e-mail from the company telling them hackers had gained access to the company's computers and that their names, birthdays, Social Security numbers, addresses and employment data including income might have been stolen.

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U.S. Energy Grid



Hackers attacked the U.S. energy grid 79 times this year (2014)

The nation's energy grid is constantly under attack by hackers. In fiscal year 2014, there were 79 hacking incidents at energy companies that were investigated by the Computer Emergency Readiness Team, a division of the Department of Homeland Security. There were 145 incidents the previous year.

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Law Firms

Bloomberg Business

Most Big Firms Have Had Some Hacking: Business of Law

by Ellen Rosen
March 11, 2015 — 12:01 AM EDT

Data breaches donʼt just affect retailers and banks. Most big law firms have been hacked, too. While cybercrime has plagued U.S.-based law firms quietly for close to a decade, the frequency of attempts and attacks has been increasing substantially. Numbers arenʼt available, since unlike hacking at financial institutions law firms have no legal obligations to disclose cybercrimes to the public.

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Samsung Phones

The Washington Post

How a keyboard glitch left 600 million Samsung smartphones at risk of being hacked

By Jacob Bogage June 17
Updated 10:59 PM ET, Tue June 23, 2015

More than 600 million Samsung mobile devices including the Galaxy S6 are vulnerable to a security breach that could allow hackers to take control of the devices, according to a report by mobile security firm NowSecure. The devices' word prediction software, produced by software firm SwiftKey, could give hackers "system privileges," or control of the entire device, according to the report.

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Sony Pictures

The Washington Post

The Sony Pictures Hack, Explained

By Andrea Peterson December 18, 2014

Hackers broke into the computer systems of Sony Pictures entertainment in October. The attackers stole huge swaths of confidential documents from the Hollywood studio and posted them online in the following weeks -- exposing them to everyone from potential cybercriminals to journalists who have been poring through the documents and reporting everything from the details of recent film productions to the extent of the employee data laid vulnerable on the Internet.

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The Hill

By Cory Bennett - 06/10/15

A major federal workers' union is unhappy with how the Office of Personnel Management is handling fallout from the massive data theft of 4 million federal employees’ records.

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The Washington Post

Chinese Hackers Steal 4.5M U.S. Hospital Patient Records

Gail Sullivan August 19, 2014

Chinese hackers have stolen medical records for 4.5 million patients, according to a regulatory filing from Community Health Systems, a publicly-traded company that runs 206 hospitals in 29 states.

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Alleged Airline Hack May Expose Transit Vulnerabilities

ByMeghan Keneally

North Korean officials have officially denied involvement in the attack, but did call it a "righteous" deed and suggested it may have been the work of supporters of the regime.

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The Washington Post

Cyber Attacks on U.S. Companies in 2014

By By Riley Walters

The spate of recent data breaches at big-name companies such as JPMorgan Chase, Home Depot, and Target raises questions about the effectiveness of the private sector’s information security. According to FBI Director James Comey, “There are two kinds of big companies in the United States.

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5 Million Gmail Usernames, Passwords Hacked And Posted To Russian Bitcoin Forum: Report

By Jeff Stone @JeffStone500 on September 10 2014

Hackers appear to have dumped nearly 5 million Gmail usernames and passwords to a Russian bitcoin forum. Word first spread of the still-unconfirmed hack when a user posted a link to the log-in credentials in a security-centric corner of Reddit frequented by hackers, professional and aspiring.

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Los Angeles Times

UCLA Hack Q&A: What you need to know

Hack at UCLA Health Exposes Medical Records


The spate of recent data breaches at big-name companies such as JPMorgan Chase, Home Depot, and Target raises questions about the effectiveness of the private sector’s information security. According to FBI Director James Comey, “There are two kinds of big companies in the United States.

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Yahoo mail hacked: measures being taken

Jan 30, 2014


The email systems at Yahoo have been hacked this week and Yahoo has issued a warning to the public on how to make due with the situation. Starting with a bit on what the company is doing to protect users potentially affected, Yahoo goes on to issue a short statement on what users can do to protect themselves in the near future.

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Microsoft Outlook Email Hacking

By Jeff Stone @JeffStone500 on September 10 2014

Microsoft's Outlook email service in China was hacked by the country's censorship authority, an internet watchdog has claimed, as the government continues its crackdown on U.S. technology giants.

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Apple moves to fix Mac OS X security flaws

By Jason Murdock 05 Aug 2015

Apple is taking action to mitigate a major security vulnerability in its Mac OS X system.

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More than 225,000 iPhone accounts hacked
Malware only targets 'jailbroke' iPhones

UPDATED 12:21 PM EDT Sep 01, 2015

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) —Hackers have stolen more than 225,000 Apple accounts from iPhone customers.

Security company Palo Alto Networks is calling the attack "the largest known Apple account theft caused by malware." Palo Alto Networks discovered the hack along with Chinese tech group WeipTech.

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