Our Story isn’t About Us

Conceived in 2012 with one simple thought in mind: provide organizations and individuals with the ability to securely communicate via their mobile phones and PC devices.

Built on the solid foundation and shoulders of Unity Broadcasting and OKsystem Agoryumʼs Babel Business Editon was launched. Calling upon unique company assets, existing customer relationships and unique insights that allow us to address a security soft spot in todayʼs Enterprise systems. Two solid companies join efforts to create the Agoryum Babel Business Edition Brand.

Providing data transport security for companies and institutions who want to have a secure and private method of sending their text and email messages. Sending, receiving and resting data to be kept private and out of the hands of any unwanted entities.

A platform that allows companies to communicate via an Encrypted Messaging Platform where the servers stay under the control of the Company using the platform. No longer does leadership have to wonder or concern themselves with the security of itʼs incoming or outgoing messages. Agoryumʼs Babel Business Edition allows our clients to house the servers that Record and Transport their data. It does so without any 3rd Party interference or interuptions. Our clients have full control of the servers that transport the incoming and outgoing messages ... this is what we deam as “Peace of Mind for our most valued assets ... Our Clients. Our Story is About You.

Our story is still being written ...