Encrypted communication messaging built on a solid foundation for your enterprise.

Your partner platform for secure mobile communication built on cutting-edge cryptography.

  • Ease of Use

    I want a solution that is easy to install, easy to manage and easy to use.

  • Secure

    I want a secure solution that delivers on the promise of privacy and is rock solid.

  • Nimble

    I want the flexibility to scale my solution to meet my business objectives.

Protecting your communication devices!
Mobile devices have become an attractive and
vulnerable target for hackers and intruders to track
your activity and spy on your private communication.
Secure your communication channels
and protect your privacy!
Agoryum’s Babel Business Edition!
iOS | Android
Where secure
communication messaging
and simplicity work
seamlessly for
your cell phone and PC devices

Implementing winning secure communication solutions for your enterprise is how we truly succeed.

With the Agoryum business technology team working by our side it is like having our own in house full time technology and innovation resourse department.
What an asset to have.
N. Hollings
Director Innovation Solutions
Teacher Tech Services
Your Inhouse
Encrypted Communication Provider

Cross Device

Cell Phone
Secure and Private
Communication Application
Designed to work fluidly with your desktop and laptop stations.
Cross Platform Integration

Secured Communication for iOS and Android
Distribution & Synchronization of Private Keys
Encryption of Attachments
Server Groups Partners, Clients & Members
User Friendly Implemenation and Deployment

Cross Platform

iPhone 4 and later operating system

For operating systems 2.0 and higher