Mobile communication continues to change the way we conduct and build business.

For enterprises, mobile devices have accelerated business decision making and turned any location into a ready made office. This flexibility has transformed business processes which has created new security and privacy risks.

The secure messaging solution that not only protects, but simplifies the increasingly complex enterprise communications environment. Babel empowers enterprise security and control for the mobile using workforce, allowing organizations to transform their business workflows while complying with industry and government regulations.

  • Protecting your most
    important assets

    End-to-end encryption solution, Babel protects your communications without compromising user experience.

  • Transforming
    Your Workflow

    Transforming your business workflows by empowering secure communication at every point.

  • Complying with
    Government Regulations

    Solve government and industry compliance matters by using Babel's encrypted communication messaging application.

One to One ... One to Many Encrypted Communication Messaging

  • Manage The Conversation
    Make organizing and managing your conversations both smooth and seamless.

  • Privacy on your mobile device.

    Mobile communication is an attractive and vulnerable target for attackers. The only useful defense is strong cryptography and the elimination of all 3rd party elements, “the middle man“ in today‘s cloud era.

    Babel BE was developed as a unique solution for enterprise, the power and energy sector, law companies, financial institutions, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies or simply any enterprise that needs to protect trade & technology secrets, protect their client’s and members information and be compliant with both internal and external laws.

    Babel Business Edition is the only platform on the market, which was developed as an enterprise solution for the exclusive use on your enterprise.