How Babel Business Edition is working to secure your enterprise.

How it works
Key Features
Strong Cryptography
Babel BE is using strong cryptography technology and protocols. Each message is encrypted peer to peer and stays encrypted even while stored on the device using symmetrical algorithm AES with randomly generated keys.
No Digital Certificates Needed
No need to pay for and maintain digital certificates. Secure administration, distribution and synchronization of cryptographic keys on mobile devices is ensured by Babel server, which is connected to your company’s directory.
No 3rd party servers to compromise your security
Data that is temporarily or long-term stored on 3rd party servers are completely out of your control. Only Babel Business Edition allows you to communicate within your environment with no 3rd party involvement.
Connection to company’s directory
Administrator does not need to create new accounts, those can be transferred and synchronized with company’s directory. (AD, LDAP, ...).
User administration
Your Babel server maintains a database about users, specifically their contact information (phone numbers and adresses for electronic communication). Babel servers also stores and synchronizes user public keys. The web administration console allows you to manage Babel servers and enables you to react promptly to unusual situations such as; a lost or stolen device.
Attachment encryption
Babel BE enables you to send encrypted attachments such as photos, documents, videos, etc. These attachments are encrypted with the same level of security as a general message.
Secure storage
Each message is encrypted not only during the transmission but in the application sandbox as well. For decryption of the message you need to input your PIN number into the application.
Mobile application for iOS and Android are available for download in the Appstore and GooglePlay. Applications for Windows phone and Windows Desktop are also available.
Babel working for your enterprise security

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How The Platform Works
Babel Business Edition provides encrypted communication and secure storage of sent and received messages as well as attached documents on mobile devices.

Babel Business Edition platform key components:
Babel Messaging Server (BMS)
At the center of Babel Business Edition is the Babel Messaging Server or BMS. BMS maintains a database with user accounts, which includes contact information – phone numbers and email addresses, securely storing user’s public keys and synchronizing them on mobile devices. BMS also contains server SSL certification, providing authentication certificates, and maintaining client’s licenses for mobile devices. BMS provides data communication in between mobile devices, however, BMS does not store any of the private keys and does not take part in the encryption process. In the event that the recipient is not online, BMS ensures the recipient will get a notification as soon as connection occurs.

All devices have to activate themselves in the beginning with a One Time Password (OTP). During the registration, BMS obtains a public key of the device and synchronizes this key with all other devices which are already registered on the server. After this initial activation, mobile devices will synchronize and connect to the server automatically without any action required from the user. BMS is integrated with the Babel Attachment Server (BAS), which provides a delivery mechanism of encrypted attachments.
Mobile devices and message encryption
Both iOS and Android applications are available for download in the Appstore and Googleplay. After the initial installation, user scans a QR code which he obtains from his / her administrator and using the information in the QR code, the devices will register with the server. During the registration process, the device obtains a authentication and license certificate and synchronizes his / her contacts with the public keys of all other users in the network.
Highlighting why choosing Babel Business Edition makes a difference in your enterprise data security.
If you want control of your data, if you want to know where your data is then the choice becomes quite clear. There are a number of applications for mobile communications. Common to these applications are they need a server on the provider side. Therefore the user has no control over what is happening to your data. Most of the other providers have a non transparent business model.
Finally there is the issue of support - most of the other providers will never talk to you ... Never.
Our focus is on providing our clients with the world’s number one security solution for mobile communications. By implementing a non breakable encryption platform and creating an incredible user friendly interface.