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Frequently Asked Questions  (The Platform)
What is Babel Business Edition and what are the benefits of using it?
Babel Business Edition is the world’s most secure commercial platform for encrypted communication. Upon installation the infrastructure sits in your environment, only your administrative team monitors your data / conversation.
What devices do you support?
iPhone with iOS
Will Babel work with Blackberry/Windows Phone?
There are no plans to develop compatibility with Windows or Blackberry devices.
Is there a PC version of Babel Enterprise?
Our PC version is available on either the PC laptop or desktop.
Is Babel HIPAA, FIPS and NSA Suite B compliant?
Babel is built on strong cryptography - standards review (NIST) and other respected international standards and technical specifications are baseline features of the application. Babel continuously develops to meet HIPAA safeguards requirements.
We are transparent about the algorithms we use. Finally we are compliant with NSA and FIPS.
What is your business model?
Babel Business Edition is a commercial solution. We charge a Licence fee per device per year and Maintenance & Services agreements are available for mid to larger size enterprise groups.
What is the level of privacy with Babel?
Babel BE brings highest level of security. We use symethric algorithms AES and Diffie-Helman for encryption. There are no servers outside of your environment taking part in the encryption process.
Can Babel read my messages?
No. Messages are encrypted on your device and decrypted on the recipient’s device.
Are messages encrypted when stored on my device?
Yes. Your messages are encrypted 100% of the time while stored on your device.
How do you prevent opening Babel messages when your device is lost or stolen?
Messages are encrypted and protected by your PIN number.
Can anyone track my activity?
No. Only the Administrator of the server has access to your data.
Is there a back door that can be accessed for 3rd party inquiry?
There is no back door. Additionally, if any 3rd party requires access to your data, we can NOT provide such information since the infrastructure sits entirely in your environment.
Who is behind the project?
The software design and development and the market delivery and distribution is done in partnership between OK System and Unity Broadcasting's
How is Babel different? What makes Babel a market pioneer?
1) The infrastructure is completely yours and only under your administration’s control.
2) Babel Business Edition is extremely secure and user-friendly.
3) We are very transparent about who we are, what we have built and our business model.
4) We listen to our clients.
5) We are not just a supplier to your secure communication needs, we are your mobile and PC communication partner.
Can Babel be integrated with our existing company directory services (LDAP, etc.)?
Yes. For ongoing maintenance (HR aspect) your administrative team can synchronize the Babel database with LDAP or Active Directory to easily import, maintain and update correct names, phone numbers and pictures (when chosen).
Is the user/device activation process difficult to initiate?
Not at all. The process is very straightforward. For experienced users, the registration process is a matter of several seconds. For new users we provide a step by step description including screenshots on how to activate the device with the system servers.
Frequently Asked Questions  General Questions
Getting Started
What is a Secure encrypted communication?
How is secure communication different than my normal text experience?
How quickly can my group communication enterprise account be up and running?
What is the job of an Enterprise manager?
Do I need an IT department to manage the system?
Can we run Babel secure text on our own servers?
What about privacy, security, and confidentiality?
Can I get my data out if I want to discontinue using
Is data backed up in case of an emergency?
Is my Babel secure communication private?
Service and Support
Is training required to learn how to use Agoryumʼs Babel secure communication service?
What support resources are available?
Pricing and Payment
How much does it cost?
Do I have to make a long-term commitment?
Can we pay for our Bable Business Edition a year in advance? Do you accept POs or payment by check?
Do I pay for individual users or blocks of users with Agoryum subscription plans?
What happens when we reach our user limit? Will members still be able to log-in?
Can we pay for unlimited secure Babel devices to be used throughout our enterprise or organization?
How customizable is Agoryumʼs secure Babel communication?
Can I make Agoryumʼs secure Babel communication look like our company brand?
What is Agoryumʼs secure communication?
Secure communication messages move from device to device, moves over a closed channel with an unidentified open port. Server does not posses the keys to encrypt the information. Agoryumʼs secure Babel text is encrypted, secure and private!
How is secure communication different than my normal text experience?
Data sent to and from the smartphone is encrypted using a private key retrieved from the userʼs device. Data remains encrypted in transit and is never decrypted outside of the firewall. Messages can only be sent to someone if they are already in your contact list and have the application stored on their device too. Encrypted information travels securely to the smartphone where it is decrypted with the key stored there.
How quickly can my group be up and running?
Your Enterprise secure communication messaging can be up and running in a matter of days.
What is the job of an Enterprise manager?
The creator of the Agoryumʼs secure Babel Account is automatically the teamʼs initial manager. Once the account has been created, Manager controls can be assigned to other group members.
Do I need an IT department to manage the system?
Absolutely not! You can create your secure communication in a matter of minutes. After set-up, your account can be accessed through assigned devices anywhere in the world. Your members have real-time 24/7 access to each other, and you have 24/7 access to your members, all in a safe, secure, private and encrypted environment. Thereʼs only an application to install and you donʼt need an IT department to manage the service.
Can we run Agoryumʼs Babel secure communication on our own servers?
The service is available for purchase to install on your own servers, however we maintain the servers, the security, all the updates and improvements so you donʼt have to worry about anything.
What about privacy, security, and confidentiality?
Servers are hosted in a state-of-the art, Tier 1 datacenter under 24 hour surveillance. Each Enterprise account is password-protected. All Enterprise accounts include 256-bit SSL encryption from within the servers first set up and installation.
We invite you to view our Privacy Policy and Security Policy.
Can I get my data out if I want to discontinue using Agoryumʼs secure Babel communication service?
Yes, you can easily export data out of the system at any time. Data can be exported in XML and CSV formats.